Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Notice Of Right To Cancel If you wish, you have the right to cancel my contract / installation within 14 days of the install date on your receipt. You can do this by completing the cancellation form on the reverse of your receipt and sending by post or email to myself. You may be required to pay for goods or services that have already been dispensed which are no longer fit for re-sale. EasyTV undertakes to guarantee the following against faulty material and workmanship for the period stated: Aerial and/or satellite equipment and its installation – 12 months from date of installation. EasyTV cannot guarantee the quality of signal reception as this can be dependent on factors outside my control; however I will make every effort to ensure that the best possible signal levels are obtained given local conditions at time of installation. The installation only of the customers own equipment supplied by the guarantors is covered by this guarantee, any fault that is directly attributable to customers own equipment NOT supplied by the guarantor shall not be covered by this warranty. Any fault arising due to any person(s) unauthorised by the guarantors tampering with equipment supplied and installed by the guarantors shall not be covered by this warranty, this also relates to acts of vandalism by a third party. Exclusions: Reception conditions changing due to factors outside of the guarantors control e.g. large construction equipment (e.g. cranes) nearby, the erection of large buildings, fluctuations or damage of TV / FM signal transmitters, power cuts, extreme weather including lightning strikes. Equipment movement / damage caused by gale force winds above 60mph. Interference cause by amateur radio, LTE/4G, radar, electrical appliances or any other transmitting frequencies other than local UHF, FM, DAB, Ku band/Sat wavebands. Any repair or alteration undertaken by persons not authorised by the guarantors. Any retuning of receiving equipment due to alteration of channel frequencies whether sound or picture or discontinued transmission of channels for any reason. Loss of signal due to the changing of frequencies by the owner / operators of local / national transmitters. It is understood that the customer will accept the advice of the installation engineer to the suitability of the aerial installed and the correct positioning of the aerial. The guarantors shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by or arising from fire, burglary or house breaking, act of god, riot, explosion, aircraft or things dropped there from, lightning or for any consequential loss or damage due to causes beyond their immediate control or acts of third parties whether criminal or otherwise. Installation faults by the guarantors will be rectified.