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  An EasyTV system is at the start of any domestic or commercial Audio Visual set up as it is what provides the signal input for the receiving equipment ensuring that the channels are received at the TV. These will typically be from a satellite source, for example, Sky, Freesat or a foreign satellite such as Hotbird for Italian TV.  EasyTV works on a variety of Aerial & Satellite systems all with their very own features and benefits – below you can find out a bit more information on each one. If you are still unsure which Aerial & Satellite system will best suits your needs, please feel free to get in touch as EasyTV are only happy to answer any further questions for you.

MATV - Master Antennae Television


 A MATV (master antenna television) system is basically a network of cables and specially designed components that process and amplify TV and FM signals and then distribute them from one central location. The most basic Aerial & Satellite system available, this simply carries Freeview and radio signals to one outlet or ten thousand outlets. Normally installed by developers, landlords and local authorities when budget is a constraint. the end user simply plugs in their Digital TV or Freeview receiver and then can receive the Free-to-View programmes that a TV licence provides.

SMATV - Satellite Master Antennae Television


 This is the same kind of Aerial & Satellite System as a MATV system however this time EasyTV will introduce channels that are not available through Freeview, for example, if a customer wanted to receive Sky Sports 1 on their Digital TV but didn’t want a Sky receiver at the location of every TV. These types of Aerial & Satellite Systems are normally installed in hospitals, prisons and hotels and between 5 and 20 channels could be installed at a centralised location and then distributed to 1000’s of locations/ This method gives the client the ability to lock certain programmes down.


 SCR - Single Cable Router


  EasyTV, newest Aerial & Satellite System was developed for customers who already had a MATV system installed but wanted to upgrade. In a traditional MATV system, two cables are required to enable the end users to take advantage of Sky+ services, however, with a SCR upgrade only one cable is required. This new system can send the two signals needed for Sky+ down one cable making this a very popular choice for anyone who is in charge of managing multiply dwelling units, such as managing agents and local authorities.

IRS - Integrated Reception System


 EasyTV, most popular Aerial & Satellite System that doesn’t discriminate as it provides all signals straight to the TV location, allowing the end user to make the decision on how it is then received. Freeview, Freesat, Sky, BT Vision, FM & DAB radio signals are all available through one outlet installed on the customers wall. A simple upgrade can also allow for signals to be received from satellites all over the world. This Aerial & Satellite System is the system of choice for property developers, social landlords and managing agents as it gives the end user complete choice on how they watch their TV.


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