Motorised dish installation


Why Choose a Motorised Satellite Dish?


Motorised satellite can offer a great range of benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should use EasyTV for installing your motorised satellite dish:


  • Depending on location you can access up to 40 satellites from all over the world
  • You can pick up around 10,000 TV and radio channels
  • Free to air, free movies, news, sport, music, business and a mix of other channels
  • Thousands of programs in English and other foreign languages
  • Cost effective way of watching TV (FREE)
  • Better image quality (HD)


 A motorised satellite dish will give you freedom to enjoy your favourite programs from whatever location you want.





  • Supply of dish and equipment
  • Installation of bracket and mount
  • Motor alignment with receiver setup for achormath
  • Installation of cable, connectors And cable clips
  • Install CAM MODULE (if needed)
  • We will scan and add all satellites in which you ask


      ***Includes 1 Years Gareentee On parts all labour (Subject to Terms)***


""EasyTV Are Professional Motorised Satellite Installation Engineers""



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