Freeview channel guide

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Freeview Channel Guide

You can find a guide to the channels available on Freeview by visiting the Freeview website or by consulting the user manual for your television or set-top box. Freeview is a free-to-air digital television service in the UK that offers over 70 channels, 15 HD, including BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5, as well as a selection of radio stations and On Demand services.

To access the channel guide on your Freeview television or set-top box, you will need to use the on-screen menu or the remote control. The channel guide will list all of the available channels in numerical order, along with a brief description of each channel.

You can also use the channel guide to find out what is currently being shown on each channel, as well as what is coming up next. Some Freeview devices also allow you to search for specific programs or genres using the channel guide.

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